The Business of Spirituality

The Business of Spirituality

Self-confidence, lack of direction and a starting point are the three biggest reasons that amazing business ideas never make it off the ground. What if I told you that I have created a easy, step by step, one on one mentorship course (that’s right, no pre recorded videos that leave you with more questions than answers) to help you set up your spiritual business and get you off the ground while conducting healings and clearing along the way to help you get on the road to helping others!!

This is a 6 session series that will allow you time to grow your ideas, plan for the future and heal and grow all at the same time. The 6 sessions can be completed on your own time frame (once a week, once a month, made to suit your personal timetable). These sessions will flow through the following framework and each session will include mindset matters tips and information along with energy clearing, removing of limiting beliefs and other healing work as needed.

(Business) Identity Crisis

Legal mumbo jumbo

Accounting the right way

Your business team

Money talks

Marketing and advertising

You can sign up for all 6 courses for only $555 or, if you can choose sessions ala cart for $111 a session.

Not sure if your dreams are a business or just a hobby? Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation to help you decide just that and see if this course is right for you!


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